Practical Method

Since 2002 Pathways School of Languages has been the leading school in designing and teaching English and Spanish courses in Mexicali, Mexico.

Our Spanish course is designed for students who wish to communicate in a Spanish speaking environment.

This course is tailored to our students’ needs; it intends to lead our students into a high level of communicative competence. In Pathways we can adapt the curriculum to meet specific needs from your area of expertise if necessary.

The course comprises of 12 modules in which you will find:
- Conversation activities
- Bilingual explanations
- Listening comprehension activities
- Vocabulary building strategies
- Writing activities
Some of our clients have been:
Our classes are:
- Dynamic
- Interactive with personalized attention.
- 50% Conversational
- English may be used in most of our classes
- From modules 8 to 12 English will not be used unless it is really necessary.